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The surrounding parish of St. Ann is home to rainforest rivers, waterfalls, and beautiful beaches which stretch all along the North coast going all the way back to Montego Bay.

Popular waterfalls include Dunn's River Falls and the newer Konoko Falls.

A few steps from the main road in Ocho Rios, the streets are littered with some of the Caribbean's most charming inns and oceanfront restaurants.

In Discovery Bay, 15 miles (24 km) west, where Columbus landed, there's a small museum with such artifacts as ships' bells and cannons and iron pots used for boiling sugarcane. Don't miss a drive through Fern Gully, south of Ocho Rios via the A3 highway.
If you choose to Tour St. Ann or St. Mary with Caribbean Car Rentals you will find a multitude of things to do including shopping in luxurious plazas, authentic stalls and stores and fine dining and unique attractions.


Caribbean Car Rentals offers an optional Car and Driver option for all our rental packages
Driving can become a chore for some people. It can be enjoyable at times especially when the place being traveled is a new environment but some people prefer to take in the sights without being distracted by the road ahead.
If you want to discover Jamaica and its unique attractions in the most efficient and comfortable manner but do not want to drive, then you may consider to rent a car or minibus with a driver.
An experienced and reliable driver will drive you where you want to go. You may create your own tour program and Visit beaches, sightseeing spots, botanic gardens and great restaurants.. There is lots to discover in Jamaica. Your driver will give expert reccommendations, help you to prepare a great program for your outing, based on the day of time, season, weather, and of course, your interests. You choose your program and decide where to go freely.

Some key benefits of renting a Car with a driver are;

  • The driver, being a local, can be a source of recommendations. Considering the fact that your driver lives on the island, his knowledge about the various establishments and attractions in Jamaica can be a valuable source of recommendations for you. Some of your plans can be supplemented with more places to visit or restaurants to try out.
  • You won’t get lost getting from point A to point B and no need for a GPS. Driving in a new place can get confusing especially for the geographically challenged. Even with the advent of driving companion and directional apps, people still sometimes get lost because of different circumstances. With your own driver who’s already well-versed with the roads of Jamaica, you will be safe in the thought that you will arrive safe and sound from one destination to the next without getting lost or sidetracked.
  • You automatically have a designated driver. Jamaican tourists, oft times just want to relax, and have a drink without worrying about driving home. Sometimes , having a driver who’s ready to bring you home to your place is the safest way to go. Aside from being safely escorted to your lodging accommodation, everyone in your group can enjoy drinking and relaxing to their hearts’ content since you don’t have to do the driving yourselves.
  • Even if your credit card does not have auto rental insurance for driving in Jamaica you wont have to pay a security deposit.

ONE DAY PACKAGE - normal rental price plus $35 us per day for the driver
TWO TO SIX DAYS - normal rental price plus $25 us per day for the driver